Aviator Strategies: Tips and Tricks

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Game Aviator Tips and Trick 2023

Aviator Strategies
Aviator Strategies

Since the release of this online game, players around the world have been developing their strategies, tips and tricks in hopes of finding profitable tactics. Does it work and can you earn money after two years from the release date?

Considering that the only variable in a given slot is the aircraft’s time in the air, finding a unique feature seems impossible. But there are already a dozen reviews on winning strategies and life hacks on the Internet.

Best Aviator Strategies so far

After spending hours searching for worthwhile information, analysis, and practical testing on a slot machine, you can come to a simple conclusion. Most of the proposed life hacks simply do not work. Therefore, we will analyze 5 victorious Aviator game strategies.

Bankroll management is the best winning lifehack

The ability to manage bets, understand your limits, and focus on the long run is by far the most important component of success in any slot machine. The more attempts you make, the greater the chances of a positive outcome for your wallet. Many users recommend putting only 2-5% in each round.

Take it small

The chance of ending a round after a 1.5x multiplier is the highest. Therefore, if you focus on lower values and take them, you will simply increase your victory statistics. Of course, it happens that the round ends on a 1.1x multiplier, but this is one in ten cases. It is much better to take your bet back along with a 30% profit than to lose 500% of your bet and be left with nothing.

Two buttons for a reason

You probably wondered why there were two buttons for betting. Everything is very simple. Two buttons allow you to diversify risk. The first can serve as a guarantee of a small win, while the other is focused on increasing profits and seeking larger multipliers. There is only one problem: you may lose two bets at once, instead of one.

Listen to the crowd but don’t follow it

Live statistics from other players can be a good indicator, but also a big misconception. The more you play, the more often you will notice that the strategies of other players can be either incredibly effective or completely unworkable. Aviator Life hacks in the form of live statistics can be an addition to your methodology, but not its basis.

Use bonuses in online casinos

Promotions, coupons and deposit bonuses often come with high wagering requirements. But if you combine them with playing the Aviator slot, you will get the perfect mixture for working out all possible types of bonuses. Cash games are the best way to get privileges from online casinos. Perhaps this is a more workable strategy than the martingale in roulette.
The Internet has not yet found more valuable advice that can make a gambler rich. Or, someone is keeping a big Aviator secret and doesn’t want to share it with the public.

We highly recommend trying each of these approaches to building your real money strategy. The main thing is to remember to play with your head and not with your emotions. It’s emotions that eat up your bankroll.

  • Play for money in Aviator at Pin Up online casino
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