Lucky Jet Game

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Lucky Jet Casino Slot Game

Lucky Jet Game
Lucky Jet Game

Personal development of online casino slot Lucky Jet amazes with its linearity and simplicity of gameplay. The whole point of this slot machine is based on predicting the flight time on a Jet. As soon as the round begins, you better have time to pick up your bet before it flies away. I think we’ve already seen it somewhere.

Of course, we saw it. This is the answer to the legendary slot from Spribe – Aviator. Instead of a cartoon airplane, we have to follow a man on a Jetpack. The same mechanics, the same set of functions, and gameplay. So is it worth playing now or is it better to return to the classic Aviator slot game?

How to play Lucky Jet from 1Win casino online?

Unlike the development of Spribe, the Lucky Jet slot game is provided exclusively on the official website. You won’t be able to play the demo, just a preview without the ability to place bets. To try it yourself you need to do a few very simple steps:

  • Follow the link to the 1Win our Pin Up website
  • Click on the “Sign Up” button
  • Enter Email address or Phone number
  • Select slot 1Win our Pin Up in the left menu
  • Find the Lucky Jet slot online there (It’s first on the list)

The registration procedure takes no more than two minutes, but we offer you all the opportunities and privileges of a gaming club member.

Why is it worth playing Lucky Jet slot Pin Up?

The most logical and understandable question that appears on the Internet. There is already an Aviator – why anything else? The answer is even simpler. This is a personal development of an online casino, which has the same characteristics (RTP is at the level of the original slot, as well as volatility).

But there are also ambiguities. If you Google “Lucky Jet 1win Slot reviews”, you will find a lot of conflicting information. Some say that the number of burning bets (when you do not have time to Cash Out, is 1.1x multiplier and lower), while others say the opposite. We decided to personally verify this information.

Spribe Aviator vs Lucky Jet slot test

We opened online versions of both slot machines and decided to make 10 test bets to see which would have the most burning rounds.

Aviator test

Of the 10 rounds, 3 rounds were false from the start.

Lucky Jet Test

Of the 10 trial rounds, only 2 were false.

The first test showed the advantage of online games from 1Win, but we decided to repeat it.

On the second attempt, after 10 games on each of these slot machines, we managed to encounter 2 false starts. Which makes them approximately the same.

So why Lucky Jet?

The Jetpack is not the best version of the Aviator. And if you should prefer it, then perhaps because of the generous bonuses and regular promotions for regular 1 Win casino players. This is the main criterion for choosing between both slots. Especially if you have not yet managed to claim your first deposit bonus.

What do you think, which of these slots gives more money to players?

  • Play for money in Aviator at Pin Up online casino
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